Register a Custom Domain for Your Website

  • HTTPS security

  • Hosting included

  • Free domain for the first contract term*

  • Top-level domains (gTLDs)

  • Simple set up and renewals

An artist sitting at his desk and working on his Jimdo website.
Example of a furniture website built with Jimdo.

What is a domain?

A domain is your website’s specific address, also called a URL. In most cases, a domain name includes a company name and ending (like .com or .net). A personalized web address strengthens your brand and helps visitors remember you.

Example of a professional website with a custom domain name built with Jimdo.

Why do you need a domain?

A domain makes your website look professional and builds trust. It represents you and your website. A unique domain name also makes your website easier to find via search engines like Google.


The most common .com ending is still a strong choice.


Used for nonprofit and charitable organizations worldwide.


Great for sites that have informative or educational content.


A great option for ecommerce sites.

3 tips to choose the right domain name

Keep it simple. If your domain name is too long it will be hard for visitors to remember, read, and type. Make it easy to spell and steer clear of numbers and hyphens.

If your ideal domain is taken or you have a common name, try adding more words to describe yourself (like johnsmiththebaker), or choose a different domain ending.

Use words that match your business or location. For example, if you’re a wedding photographer from Austin, is a good start.

How to buy your domain with Jimdo

  1. Create your Jimdo website. Jimdo asks you a few questions and quickly puts all the pieces together.
  2. Choose a design. We’ll use the photos and text you already have, or provide personalized content to get you started.
  3. Claim your domain name. Jimdo will automatically suggest domain names that match your website. Just choose one of our premium plans that include a custom domain to match your website (also available as an upgrade).
A small business owner working on his Jimdo website.
A tablet showing an example of a gardening website built with Jimdo.

Already have a domain?

You can transfer most existing domains to Jimdo and connect them to your Jimdo website. That way, you'll have your website and domain all in one place.

Domain FAQ

* When you purchase a Jimdo plan, we grant a reduction in price of $/€ 20 for the first contract term, which is equal in value to the cost of a domain. Upon renewal, your selected plan will renew at the regular price. We'll remind you of the exact cost via email 6 weeks prior to your contract renewal. The duration and billing terms of the domain depend on the duration and billing terms of your Jimdo plan.